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Fit Wearable Breast Pump by Zomee

Fit Wearable Breast Pump by Zomee

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A wearable breast pump means that the pump fits inside your bra while you pump. That’s right, the cords, the milk collection and the motor all fit in your bra. As a new mom with a toddler and dog, having the extra portability of a wearable works for me. In addition to all the features you expect a pump to have, some additional callouts for me are:  

  • The design is very discreet!
  • It’s real quiet.
  • There is a nipple correction mode if you have flat or inverted nipples. (If you know, you know!)
  • The collection capacity is 6 oz, on the higher side compared to other wearable pumps.
  • You can talk to a lactation consultant, if you need help.
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wearable electric breast pumpwearable electric breast pump
preemie baby bottle breastmilkMore to know:
* HOSPITAL GRADE STRENGTH: Zomee Fit is designed with mothers in mind. It
offers 9 levels of stimulation, 9 levels of expression, and 9 levels of
2-phase mode, mimicking baby's feeding patterns for quicker let down.
Experience efficient, comfortable pumping with the ultimate control. Add this
to your baby registry during your pregnancy.
* HANDS FREE & COMFORTABLE: Our breast milk extractor is a must-have for your
newborn. It's electric, discrete, comfortable & portable, making it a mobile
& compact solution for nursing on-the-go. The wearable design eliminates
cords & tubes for added freedom & ease during pumping. A convenient &
reliable pump that can be worn underneath your bra.
* SIZE VARIATIONS: We include 3 size variations to ensure a perfect fit for all
breast and nipple sizes. The shields and inserts are made with soft,
comfortable silicone for a gentle pumping experience. Say goodbye to the
discomfort of ill-fitting pumps, and enjoy a relaxed and efficient pumping
session with our customized solution. Trust us to support your breastfeeding
journey, every step of the way.
* 2+ HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE: Our pump is a top-of-the-line electronic device
with a LED display, fast charge, and cordless design. It's perfect for
on-the-go use and ideal for new parents. The automatic feature ensures a
seamless and stress-free pumping experience, making it a must-have for any
newborn's essential kit.
* SAFE & EASY TO CLEAN: Our pump offers a hassle-free solution for busy moms.
Made with BPA + Phthalate-free materials, you can rest assured that your
breast milk is free of harmful chemicals. The anti-backflow system ensures a
safe and hygienic pumping experience, giving you peace of mind with every
* 2-YEAR WARRANTY: All Zomee breast pump parts and accessories are made with
the highest quality. We back our Zomee Fit model with a 2-year warranty.
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